Emefcy’s MABR

Conventional aerobic wastewater treatment has just celebrated a century of activated sludge, to which we owe most of our sewage treatment in the last 100 year. But today it is looking like an energy-intensive process, somewhat complicated to operate for high quality water reuse.

Professionals know that a major part of wastewater treatment cost is spent on energy for aeration. Today there is an alternative for that: self respiring Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR).

Ideal for small wastewater treatment plants, The Emefcy MABR is a Spirally-wound sleeve with an internal air-side spacer, through which low pressure air is blown, and an external water side spacer between wraps of the spiral. The spiral is submerged in a tank to which wastewater is fed continuously and effluent is discharged by overflow. This solution saves energy by eliminating the need to blow compressed air into the depth of the water for aeration, trough the implementation of Emefcy’s patented passive aeration process.

Simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification

Simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification


Features and Benefits:

  • 90% less aeration energy, 80% less energy (including feed pump)
  • Simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification
  • Modular design enables on-site, distributed treatment and also gradual implementation and expansion in the future
  • Odorless, above ground, dry installation


Decentralized, remote or developing areas, sewage treatment, extensive treatment upgrades.


Small municipalities, rural villages, hotels, resorts, casinos, campgrounds, mining camps, commercial centers, golf courses.

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