Pioneering new advances in energy-efficient wastewater treatment solutions since 2008, Emefcy is passionate about water recycling.

Founded by two veterans of the wastewater industry, Emefcy, winner of several international innovation awards for excellence, is developing next-generation wastewater treatment solutions that use less energy, to create high quality effluent – placing them at the forefront of wastewater treatment solutions.

Emefcy (ASX: EMC) is a public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange with head office and manufacturing facilities in Israel.

Focused on You

Emefcy offers a variety of solutions to satisfy your specific requirements, while always maintaining high quality and reliability. Our solutions include:

  • Turn-Key – a complete end-to-end wastewater treatment solution, including integration, components, software and maintenance;
  • Module Array – the biological treatment part of the wastewater treatment process; or
  • Water Reuse as a Service – delivering effluent water for reuse as per customer requirements, at a fixed cost.

Any of these options are ideal for applications such as:

  • Re-use for irrigation and green buildings – providing a reliable source of water for irrigation throughout the year;
  • Discharge to river/sea – treating wastewater properly before it is discharged into the sea or rivers; and
  • Cooling towers – processing water of a precise quality required for cooling towers, without clogging.

Innovative Technologies

MABR Technology

The Emefcy Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) is a modular, decentralized wastewater treatment process that uses just 10% of the energy used by conventional technologies. This technology is based on spirally-wound respiring membranes which provide oxygen to the process and support the growth of a nitrifying biofilm. Through an integrated process of simultaneous nitrification and de-nitrification, the MABR produces high quality effluent with less operational input than any similar alternative available on the market.

EBR Technology

The Electrogenic Bio Reactor (EBR) is an advanced wastewater treatment process, based on three innovative components:

  • anaerobic anodes – where bacterial oxidation of organic matter occurs;
  • air cathodes -where the corresponding oxygen reduction reaction takes place; and
  • an electric circuit connecting the anodes to the cathodes through a control circuit.

As a result of the unique bioelectrochemical process in the EBR, an electric current is produced and powers the process, rather than requiring energy from an outside source.

What Makes Us Different

At Emefcy, we pride ourselves on being:

  • Driven to improve energy efficiency in wastewater treatment
  • Inspired to innovate and advance technology that improve sustainability
  • Committed to taking environmental initiatives to the next level
  • Agile in tailoring modular solutions that can be adjusted to meet the diverse requirements of our customers

Production Capabilities

The Emefcy production facility in Israel carries out roll-to-roll processing of raw materials – membranes and spacers – into spirals that are then packed into customized tanks, to create the finished product. The facility is also equipped with supporting equipment for efficient manufacturing, and QA capabilities, ensuring each finished product is up to spec.

Global Install Base

A diverse range of customers, including municipalities, water corporations, universities, hotels, resorts and golf courses are already enjoying the improved sustainability and cost savings of Emefcy’s technology.

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Award Winning Company:

CleanEquity Winner – Monaco 2015
BlueTech Reasrch – Innovation Tracker Company
Global Cleantech 2013 – Top 100 Company
Artemis Water Top 50
Bloomberg – New Energy Pioneer 2012
Red Herring Europe – Finalist 100
W.E.T Revolution Competition
Global Cleantech – Early Stage Start-up Company of the Year
Global Cleantech 2012 – Top 100
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