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Emefcy Announces Inauguration of it First North American MABR Wastewater Treatment Plant in US Virgin Islands

Jan. 27

January 27, 2017 – Emefcy (ASX:EMC), a provider of innovative, high effluent quality wastewater treatment solutions, is pleased to announce the official inauguration of its first Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) wastewater treatment facility at Bordeaux in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The official inauguration ceremony was held on site, at the new MABR-based wastewater treatment facility.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from the Caribbean Islands, USA and Israel. The dedication ceremony speakers included Mr. James E. Grum, Chief Engineer of Virgin Islands Wastewater Management Authority (VIWMA); Mr. Tony Adibe CEO of SD&C and Mr. Eytan Levy CEO and Managing Director Emefcy. Also attend officials from US EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and DPNR (Department of Natural Resources).

The new municipal MABR wastewater treatment facility serves a rural community of 200 homes and produces high quality effluent discharged to the environment in the Bordeaux area of St Thomas.

Mr. Grum expressed his satisfaction of the MABR solution and noted that it met every parameter originally declared in the initial specifications provided in Emefcy’s proposal. He added that Emefcy’s sweet spot is having a range of unmatched key benefits, including lower commissioning costs, low maintenance, superior environmental performance, low energy, as well as being neighborhood friendly.

Emefcy partnered with SD&C Inc, who served as the General contractor for the project, responsible for installing and commissioning the plant.

Mr. Tony Adibe, CEO of SD&C said “We are excited to have teamed up with Emefcy to deliver this innovative and low energy wastewater treatment system to the US Virgin Islands. We look forward to this being a showcase to address the ever-growing wastewater treatment and reuse needs of municipalities and resorts throughout the Caribbean Islands.”

Mr. Richard Irving, Emefcy Executive Chairman, noted that the flawless commissioning of the Bordeaux municipal plant represents a key milestone for the company as it continues to grow. This is the second plant commissioned, the first being HaYogev in Israel. Adding the portable plant in Jiangsu Province China, Emefcy has three operating MABR based wastewater treatment plants and the forth is currently under construction at Mekele University Hospital in Ethiopia. Mr. Irving added: “As covered by the US EPA, we expect this plant to become an important reference site for USA, Latin America as well as the Caribbean.”

At the ceremony, Mr. Levy thanked the dedication of the Emefcy team and shared the company’s vision for becoming the leading solution provider of energy efficient, cost effective wastewater treatment plants worldwide.

The company is the first in the world to provide commercial wastewater treatment solutions based on MABR technology, with 90% less energy, low operational cost and low capital expenditure. The MABR is a spirally wound air sleeve submerged in a tank, to which wastewater is fed continuously and effluent is discharged by overflow. This solution saves energy by eliminating the need to blow aeration, through the implementation of Emefcy’s patented passive aeration process. This solution is ideal for small to medium sized plants, providing quiet and odorless wastewater treatment process to rural villages, hotels, resorts, golf courses and municipalities.



Additional pictures from the USVI Inauguration 




About Emefcy Group Limited

Emefcy develops manufactures and markets innovative, energy-efficient MABR based wastewater treatment solutions, aiming to change the economics of various markets and addressing the growing global demand for clean water in municipalities, resorts, commercial properties and industrial plants.

Emefcy’s advanced manufacturing facility in Israel is equipped with state of the art production machinery, enabling the Company to control the quality and meet the quantity requirements of its current global markets.

With several global innovation awards and a strong scientific background, Emefcy is at the forefront of the next generation of MABR based wastewater treatment. MABR-based wastewater treatment plants have been operating in Israel, USVI and China.

Additional MABR based wastewater solutions from Emefcy’s extensive R&D operations are anticipated to be announced in the coming year.

Emefcy Group Limited (ASX: EMC) is a public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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