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Rural Villages and Small Towns

Small towns tend to have less daily wastewater flow than cities, but still need to treat their wastewater to a very high quality. Many rural communities struggle with aging or inadequate wastewater treatment systems, or don’t have access to basic wastewater services at all. And the infrastructure needed for pumping wastewater to and from large plants in nearby cities is costly and requires a lot of energy.

Wherever possible, it is more economically efficient and more sustainable to treat wastewater locally, reclaim it for irrigation or return it to nearby lakes and rivers, helping to safeguard the well-being of the community and their surroundings for years to come. A low-cost,decentralized system allows even rural villages and small towns to treat sewage from homes and businesses near the source where it is generated, rather than collecting and transporting wastewater to a centralized treatment plant.

Emefcy’s MABR is a quiet, odorless decentralized plant that blends into its surroundings. A robust and reliable system that delivers very high effluent quality, it is also cost-effective, easy to operate and can be maintained by remote control.

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