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Hotel Resorts and Golf Courses

Hotels and resorts have a high rate of water consumption. Much of it, for example water used for irrigation, watering gardens, or cooling towers, could come from a recycled source. Where a hotel resort is located near a coastline, or on an island, the cost of electricity and issues of limited space can make it prohibitive to discharge wastewater and sewage. Furthermore, it’s crucial to keep the coastline clean, both to preserve the natural environment and to ensure no disturbance to guests.

Similarly, golf courses can save a lot of resources by using effluent processed wastewater for irrigating their open fields and maintaining clean lakes.

Emefcy’s MABR wastewater treatment solution consumes 90% less energy than alternatives on the market and a fraction of the cost to run, whilst guaranteeing high effluent discharge to sea. The system is quiet and odorless and can be hidden in an area out from sight so as to maintain the character of the surroundings.

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