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Net-Zero Energy Potential Blackwater Recycling – Ideal for LEED Certification

Don’t believe in jacking up energy in order to recycle water? Neither do we!

Bringing recycled water into the 21st Century, Emefcy’s wastewater treatment solution based on the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR) technology is recognized by Bloomberg as one of the top 10 clean-tech pioneers worldwide.

Emefcy’s MABR slashes energy by up to 90% compared to traditional technologies, and has up to 50% less sludge waste and 50% lower operating costs.  Traditional water recycling today is energy and cost intensive – Emefcy’s unprecedented solution offers an affordable, scalable model for meeting both net-zero energy and water scarcity.

While traditional wastewater recycling is energy intensive, Emefcy has overcome this challenge by developing a decentralized, smart, cost effective solution for green buildings and campuses. Quiet and odorless, MABR reduces environmental damage and easily blends into the neighborhood. For maximum convenience, the solution can be controlled and maintained remotely eliminating the need for human interaction.

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