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As economies grow, clean, safe water is becoming less & less available. Energy costs are rising & many countries lack adequate electricity supply. Meanwhile centralized treatment plants are very costly to build and operate & sewer networks are wearing out.

Emefcy is helping solve all of these problems. Our low cost, scalable plants provide local sources of safe, recycled water which reduce demand for drinking water. By saving 90% of the energy used to treat water we substantially lower electricity use – our plants can easily be solar-powered for a true net-zero solution. Our plants are modular: build what you need now rather than planning & spending 25 years ahead. And local plants means shorter sewer networks, even enabling water treatment entirely off-grid.

Emefcy’s field-proven solutions are deploying in China, the Americas, Africa & beyond. We are glad our shareholders have joined our world-class team to build a global leader in wastewater treatment & water recycling, helping us build a better world for all.

Emefcy Group Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with the code “EMC”.



Stock Quote
0.890 AUD
 -0.005 (-0.5%)
Stock Exchange: ASX
Date & Time: Jun. 23, 2017 17:18
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