Emefcy - Bio Energy Systems
Emefcy - Bio Energy Systems


  • Emefcy develops advanced energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial plants.
  • Wastewater treatment uses 2% of the global power (80,000MW and 57,000,000 tons per year of CO2), amounting to $40B/year. This is a signaficant inefficient power consuming industry that needs to become more efficient.
  • The modular Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor (SABRE) allows distributed wastewater treatment. It changes the economics of wastewater treatment while reducing energy consumption dramatically and also reducing the amount of excess sludge.
  • Emefcy's Electrogenic Bioreactor (EBR) treats wastewater and produces green electricity as a byproduct. 

Emefcy: A Global Cleantech 100 for 2013

Emefcy: A Global Cleantech 100 for 2013

RED Herring

Emefcy Selected as Red Herring 100 Europe Finalist



Certified BlueTech Innovation Company


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