Emefcy - Bio Energy Systems
Emefcy - Bio Energy Systems

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  • Emefcy develops advanced energy efficient wastewater treatment technologies for municipal and industrial plants.
  • Wastewater treatment uses 2% of the global power (80,000MW and 57,000,000 tons per year of CO2), amounting to $40B/year. Rather than using energy to treat wastewater, Emefcy harvests renewable energy directly from the wastewater and feeds it to the grid.
  • Emefcy's Electrogenic Bioreactor (EBR) treats wastewater and produces green electricity as a byproduct. The EBR functions as a battery which uses wastewater as fuel.
  • With its Spiral Aerobic Reactor (SABRE) Emefcy changes the economics of wastewater treatment while reducing energy consumption dramatically and also reducing the amount of excess sludge.

Emefcy: A Global Cleantech 100 for 2013

Emefcy: A Global Cleantech 100 for 2013

RED Herring

Emefcy Selected as Red Herring 100 Europe Finalist



Certified BlueTech Innovation Company


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